Is AUDA new AU domain just a grab for your money

auDA who is the regulating body for domain registrations in Australia is bringing in direct .AU which means you may now have to pay/fight for your brand identity.

If you are not sure what I mean for example will also be available in which essentially doubles the revenue of registrars as everyone one will want to secure both.

The larger problem is going to be their proposed cut off date of 18th April 2016 which means if you bought a premium domain after that day you are not entitled to the .AU version of that domain which could leave you in a bidding war with someone looking to exploit your brand identity.

Jim Stewart who is a leading marketing/SEO expert in Australia has created this informative video on what you can do.

Ask the Experts Return Path about Gmail

Ask the experts from Return Path about Gmail email accreditation.

When it comes to email accreditation Return Path are definitely the elephant in the corner of the room, they are hosting a webinar on Gmail.

Gmail is one of the biggest players in the email game so you really want to stay up to date with them and what it takes to get your emails delivered into their inbox.

Sign up for their Ask the Experts All About Gmail webinar here.

  • Ask the Experts: All About Gmail
  • Thursday, February 16th
  • 10am MT / 5pm GMT

Learn about the below and more.

  • How do Gmail Tabs impact my inbox placement and overall performance?
  • How can I best optimize the subscriber experience at Gmail?
  • How can I get the best possible ROI with my Gmail subscribers?

Free Dedicated IP with email marketing software plans

Free Dedicated IP with email marketing software

We are now proving a free dedicated IP for anyone sending 50,000 or more emails per month using our email marketing software.

Why do you need a dedicated IP

A dedicated IP is assigned to you alone which means you’re sending reputation is your own and you won’t be affected by other companies using the same IP to send email marketing.

For more information contact us on

Check our new range of Email templates out

Have a look at our range of new professionally designed email templates, covering industries including Business and corporate email templates, Restaurants, Trade, Technology based businesses, Travel and Football Teams just to name a few.

Click HERE to view samples of our email newsletter templates.

Our SendManager email marketing software can create gorgeous html emails, with our custom templates you can be sending in a few minutes. Just copy and paste your content and you can start sending.


eMarket Solutions email marketing software update

We have updated our email marketing software.

This update will be represent a huge leap in features and usability of our email marketing software.

You can also view a video demo HERE.

We have also added a range of CRM-like (Client relationship management ) software, for example you can use website forms to capture and generate leads from your contact lists.

Below is a list of just some of the new features we have added.

  • New Look control panel
  • Choose which custom fields to display when you view contacts
  • Contact list segmenting based on multiple AND/OR filters
  • Addition of 20 new email campaign templates
  • Choose which fields show for each contact on the “View Contacts” grid
  • Re-arrange fields on a website form using drag and drop
  • Sort contacts based on custom fields and remember the sort preference
  • Added options to view or add contacts on the contact lists page
  • Custom fields can be linked to a contact list when adding/editing
  • Added bounce rules and improved bounce detection of certain bounced types
  • Performance improvements when sending lots of custom field based content
  • Added a date-picker for date type custom fields when creating/editing a contact
  • New “views” dropdown on contacts page to easily switch lists/segments
  • Search box on contacts page to search based on email address
  • Improved usability when adding/editing custom fields
  • New home page dashboard with chart, getting started guide and help articles
  • Changed popup windows to use inline “web 2.0” thickbox look

We will keep you posted of more features and updates.

Email Marketing Software updates

We have just updated our email marketing software; you can now scan your emails for Spam keywords before you send your emails. Our system will give you a spam score and report, this is a great feature to help the deliverability of your emails.

You can also view your emails in different email programs like yahoo, AOL, Outlook 2007, Gmail etc before sending as some programs will show emails differently.

email surveys are here

email survey software

Send professional looking email surveys

We would all love a crystal ball so we know what our customer are thinking, eMarket Solutions Email Survey Software is the next best thing.

Using our simple drag & drop editor you can create surveys and feedback forms linked to your email campaigns or email autoresponders and send them out to your clients in minutes.

Analyse the results in our email software or export them to Excel. The results are presented in an easy to read and understand graphical display.

Start listening to your clients today and join eMarket Solutions today, our plans start from only $49 per month.

Ask the Questions – Get the results – Analyse – ACT and make a difference to your company.

email survey software

email surveys results