Email Marketing Software Screen Shots

interfaceeMarket Solutions easy to use software interface.

eMarket Solutions has an simple easy to use interface that you can jump right into without having to read a huge manual, everything is right in front of you including quick statistics so you can see what happening in real time.

autostatsDetailed Statistics

View detailed statistics for your Autoresponders and email campaigns, See who has opened your email and when they opened it, See who clicked on links in your email, See how many people subscribe to your list over time plus much more. You can use the information to find out what works for you.

wysiwygWYSIWYG editor ‘you see is what you get

Our editor has been designed with the both the novice and professional in mind, if you can use Microsoft Word you can use eMarket Solutions email marketing software. Creating professional eye catching emails is easy with our built in templates. You can also upload your own images easily to incorporate into the emails.

custom_insertInsert custom fields ‘names’, ‘gender’, ‘addresses’

You can create custom fields for subscribers and insert the information into your emails. It’s far more effective to address an email to someone directly. E.G Dear ‘John’ rather than Dear Sir / Madam.

formsEasy subscription forms.

You can create custom subscription forms that you can cut and paste onto your website, the look of the forms can easily be modified to suite your website. Did you know all the forms on our website were created with eMarket Solutions.

cutomfieldsUnlimited custom fields

Use eMarket Solutions to create unlimited custom fields for collecting valuable client date, choose from TEXT BOXES, DROP DOWN MENUS, CHECK BOXES and more. You can collect information like First Names, Addresses, Gender, Country, Music Preferences. The choices are endless, you can then use this information to target specific markets for example a music store can send opera lovers there latest range of opera CD’s.

import_subscribersImport Subscribers

You can import your clients contact details using CSV ‘Comma Separated Value’ that can generated buy Access, Excel, Outlook and most Accounting software packages.

quickstatsQuick Statistics

View live statistics when you log into eMarket Solutions, quickly see how all your campaigns are working. eMarket Solutions is really a powerful email newsletter program.