Complete Email Contact List Management

eMarket Solutions provides you with powerful features to manage your email contacts and best of all it’s all handled automatically by our email marketing software.

Bounced Emails:

Hard and soft bounces are all tracked for you, hard bounces are suppressed from your list so you can keep your list as clean as possible as ISP’s will penalise you if you continue to send to dead email addresses, this gives you the peace of mind you are always doing the right things by the ISP’s.

Email Accreditation Services and deliverability:

Our goal is to get your email delivered, we list your IP address with external email accreditation companies like Surety Mail who are widely used by the major ISP’s and numerous companies to verify your emails as legitimate.

In the fight against spam companies like hotmail, yahoo etc have added certain email protocols they want to see like SPF records and Domain Keys, these are added to every email you send with our email newsletter software, every account over 10,000 emails a month receives a free dedicated IP address which we can link to the DNS on your domain helping you get through the toughest filters.

Feedback loop monitoring:

Ever wonder what happens when someone hits the spam button in yahoo, hotmail etc it forwards the complaint to the originating sender. eMarket Solutions email software monitors this and we unsubscribe them from your list keeping your list clean and improving your reputation with the ISP’s. This one is a must for all good marketers.

One click Unsubscribes:

All emails coming from eMarket Solutions Email Software have an unsubscribe link, so you subscribers can instantly unsubscribe from your newsletter if they no longer want to receive it.

Subscription Forms you can cut and paste:

Watch your database grow without lifting a finger, our system will provide you with the code you can cut and paste on your website to create a slick looking subscription form. You can select multiple fields easy like region, product, gender anything you can think of so you can later target specific groups within your contact list.

Forward to a friend link:

You can easily create a forward to friend link in your emails so you can watch it go viral as friends spread the word for you.